Cold Weather ★★★½

Surprisingly likeable, I found, despite some minor indulgences in quirk and a distinct touch of this just being some friends making up a movie. The plot is pretty minimal, giving Katz's strikingly naturalistic dialogue a lot of room to breathe and the relationships between these characters a good amount of time to clarify themselves. It's certainly not a fully rounded character piece, but I was very taken with the nature of the dialogue and just how real it seemed to me. The story offers many an amusing scenario that thrives on capturing the reality of ordinary people caught up in weird events, effectively expressed by a charismatic lead performance. Many a laugh was had solely due to the fact that this guy was reacting just as I knew I would in his place. It suffers from a classic case of not knowing how to end, and just doing so abruptly and disappointingly, but it made for terrifically entertaining viewing I'd gladly repeat.