Confessions ★★★★

A gripping and gutting quasi-horror drama that pulls you in in its earliest moments and holds you captive in its vastly imaginative web right up until the bitter end. The extremely long opening scene functions almost as a short film in itself as a teacher addresses her students, among whom sit two that are responsible for her daughter's death. We learn the facts as gradually as the kids and, just like them, slowly grow quieter and less fidgety as we are roped into this horrifying story. The wonderful score uses only a couple of notes, but nonetheless adds something invaluable to the scene, its amazing emotional intensity so overbearing I felt like breaking down. When the scene finally ends, you expect the film to totally lose its way; surely there's no way it can hope to maintain this little of excellence. And yet, save for a few over-indulgences in aesthetic artfulness, it really does, the fantastically complex narrative and the way various perspectives slowly add to and redefine the narrative as a whole an absolute wonder to behold. A must-watch for those interested in labyrinthine plotting, this is a beautifully shot look at the intertwined evil of humankind.