I Spit on Your Grave ★½

A horror cult classic as famous for its often astoundingly frank sexual imagery as its perceived feminist undertones, it remains to this day banned in my own native Ireland (as well as other countries besides). Graphically depicting the horrific ordeal that befalls a holidaying New York short story writer at the hands of four sexually starved rural men, and then her subsequent bloody revenge upon each of them, it’s a nasty exploitation film through and through. The cheapness of the production comes across in the lacking quality of both the visuals and the performances, lead Camille Keaton never quite managing to exude the same screen presence as her grandfather. For all its standing in extreme horror cinema history and the ever-appealing allure of seeing a banned film, however, this is a frightfully dull experience that will shock few modern viewers, completely lacking in the sociological subtext its defenders claim.