Love Free or Die

Love Free or Die ★★★½

Review from my VOD column "This Week on Demand"

Religion is no prerequisite for engagement with Love Free or Die, Macky Alston’s deceptively funny and decidedly essential documentary following the campaign of Gene Robinson, the first openly-gay Christian bishop, to have homosexuality accepted in the clergy and congregation of his church. What fortune that he should be so fun: this story would be interesting regardless of who sat at its centre, but Robinson—whether addressing an audience or trading barbs with Jon Stewart—makes it invigorating too. How anyone could watch this film and not feel sympathy for Robinson’s case is one of those great mysteries of humanity; to see him, at one point, break down in tears after a fundamentalist interrupts his sermon is to see directly the painful impact of Christendom’s cruel legacy. What a wonderful work is Love Free or Die, what a joyous experience in the face of such senseless hatred.

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