Mulholland Drive

Mulholland Drive ★★★★½

I've made four excursions into the world of David Lynch now, this one is I think the finest yet. It's an oblique and unusual place where reality is relative and nothing is what it seems. Badalamenti's score is crucial to creating the eerie atmosphere that makes moments that would be otherwise completely normal seem so mysterious and strange. Lynch shows a clear understanding of his own place in film history; he makes clear references to many movies, most notably and brilliantly Persona. A perplexing and evasive story, this is one of the most effectively engaging and cerebral films about film, the film business, and the our relation to both I've seen. The many moments where I was spectacularly creeped out will make it hard to ever forget this; I absolutely loved it and I eagerly await a time I get to see it again.