The Woman ★½

Kicking off with an amateur hunter’s chance encounter with a feral woman, Lucky McKee’s latest horror seems for a moment to be gearing toward good old-fashioned schlock, but quickly regresses into the realms of self-effacing pretence. With an indescribably ill-judged penchant for upbeat indie riffs playing out over rape scenes, this offers a prime candidate for the worst soundtrack I have ever heard. Neither the performances nor the script offer anything of a greater calibre, and things rapidly descend into cinematically redundant and morally repugnant crap. Its defenders will insist that McKee has here constructed a powerful feminist parable, but while the concept itself bears an astute political sensibility, any seriousness whatsoever gets buried beneath layers of tasteless drivel and tactless gall. More concerned with attempting to shock than produce an incisive and meaningful viewing experience, this is no more than a festering mess of nasty nonsense.