Phantom Thread ★★★★★

This film hit me hard, completely disrupting my sensibilities like someone who brought me tea I didn’t ask for or dared to start a confrontation at the breakfast table that I simply have no time for. Completely blown away by Phantom Thread, I felt compelled to chase down everything P.T.A. had ever made. I had to know who this person was that could commit such a purely humanistic display to the screen. I knew if I liked nothing else of his, I would be indebted to Paul Thomas Anderson forever for giving me Phantom Thread. Fortunately, I learned that there were even more phenomenal treasures of his to discover. Tracing the development of an artist through each of their films is an incredible process and one I am happy to have undertaken following the work of Paul Thomas Anderson. Each of his films carries a vital message. Whether it’s relating to the power of love (Hard Eight), the need for family, even if it’s one you create yourself (Boogie Nights) or the transcendence of the human condition that reminds us that we are all in this together (Magnolia), every Paul Thomas Anderson film penetrates the blockades of our own beings, making a beeline directly for our souls.

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