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  • Tallulah



    Touches on so many essential human issues: Caring for yourself only vs. assuming responsibility for others, family dynamics, accepting the choices you made and the person you have become
    Plot has the perfect pace, kept my attention throughout easily
    The relationship between Ellen Page and Alison Janneys' characters is heartwarming and authentic
    Tallulah is a lovely main character: She's complex, impulsive and ultimately as real as it gets
    Almost every actor involved does a great job, of course most…

  • Lights Out

    Lights Out


    Creature design is convincing and scary
    For a contemporary horror movie, the main protagonists are not as bland as they could have been

    Atmosphere is never created, the horror scenes are too abrupt and lack build-up
    The explanation and background story is utterly unconvincing and seems random
    The rules, why the creature pops up where it does are never given and thus it's all quite incoherent and confusing
    Beginning is, again, very abrupt and lacking atmospheric elements


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  • Kill Your Darlings

    Kill Your Darlings


    This movie at times resembles a high-quality soap opera, written by a witty, precocious Beatnik. You can certainly count that as a reason to detest it. For my part, this is exactly why I had such a blast watching "Kill Your Darlings".

    The script is smart, although citations from the works of Ginsberg, Kerouac... are only sparsely used -but luckily that keeps the film from being overly artificial and "artsy".
    At its core, the film portrays two guys trying to…

  • Mama



    Very ineffective horror elements - mainly due to low-budget CGI that looks ridiculous - combined with a messy story. "Mama" brings nothing even remotely new to the genre and indulges in old clichés and visuals.
    The cast is alright, but not particularly great.
    Another mediocre movie that relies on big names attached to it, yet fails to deliver.