Before Midnight

Before Midnight ★★★★★

I am truly astonished at the journey I just binged. From Before Sunrise to Before Midnight we have witnessed an authentic progression of a relationship that takes no clichés. Before Midnight is an absolute masterpiece of a movie that has personally moved me to my very core and it's very rare for a film to get me this emotional. From the beginning of Before Sunrise to the end of Before Midnight there is not one piece of bad acting from the two brilliant people playing these raw and very real characters. Even directorial and writing-wise Richard Linklater somehow finds ways to evolve this relationship in a manner that does not feel forced.

From the shocking reveal in the beginning to the very intense and brilliantly written "Fight" scene in the third act of the film, to the loving ending, Before Midnight proves that so much depth can be found in romantic comedy films if you are only willing to care so much about writing it.

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