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  • Terminator 2: Judgment Day

    Terminator 2: Judgment Day


    The perfect film.

  • 8 Ball Bunny

    8 Ball Bunny


    I've had three memorable moments where I've bawled my eyes out uncontrollably while watching a movie. This is the first. When the penguin gave Bugs misty eyes, I lost the plot.

    Ok, so I may have been four at the time. But it got my brother into a lot of trouble. Naturally my folks assumed he'd done something wrong...mwahahaha!

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  • I Am Sam

    I Am Sam


    This film forever changed my reactions to emotive cinema. I'm sure you don't want to hear someone harp on about what makes them cry, but this really started it. Penn is a chameleon of character, every gesture is so well timed and sincere that he secedes what many actors can never detach from; their notoriety. He is enveloped whole heartedly in his commitment to the role, pulling at your empathetic heartstrings. Fanning is truly gifted as a child actress, none…

  • The Muppets

    The Muppets


    This recent film adaptation manages to keep the polite essence and improvised charm of the classic Muppet style without resorting to shock value or crude humour. While the choreography is clearly extensive, the real essence of storytelling through puppetry is retained in the small movements, words and scores rather than obscured behind a glittery, overblown budget. Though I would have liked to see more of the old characters, there is only so much you can cram into these stories without…