Annette ★★★½

Annette is a true work of art created by Ron and Russell Mael, the brothers behind the band Sparks, and directed by Leos Carax. This film is not at all your typical movie musical. It feels very modern. The characters are rather unlikeable and the story is dark. With the exception of So May We Start, the songs are not typical Sparks songs, either.

Honestly, the style of Annette is more interesting than the characters. It is beautifully shot with lots of long takes. Every frame is lush and very interesting visually.  I loved the choice of how to represent baby Annette. Most of the story descriptions that I've read do not actually reflect the film at all.

I am looking forward to revisiting Annette. I think my enjoyment will likely increase over time. This is my first Leos Carax film, and I want to see more.

Here are some promotional interviews related to Annette that I found interesting. They do contain some spoilers, so wait until you've seen the film to read them:

Here's a quote from Russell Mael: "we think the fresh perspective on how to do a movie musical in this day and age can be a statement in itself, beyond the thematic elements that are within it. “Annette” came out I think the same week as “Jungle Cruise,” and it’s kind of almost working in two different mediums. They both get projected onto a screen, but I can’t think of anything further apart. And there’s nothing wrong with an entertainment movie — that’s fine, too. But I know the intentions of Leos Carax were to do something that’s really unique as a cinematic event, and that’s inherent in all of our intentions, along with those thematic elements that do enter."

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