Ready Player One ★★★

Ready Play One is set in a future where the real world really sucks, so everyone spends most of their time jacked into the virtual world.

Ready Player One is packed to the gills with nostalgia. The soundtrack is old-skool awesome, and the virtual world is packed with enough nerd pop culture references to make your head explode. The licensing for this film must have cost a fortune. This is a Warner Brothers film, and they make some impressive use of Warner Brothers properties.

Ready Player One looks great and is so steeped in nostalgia that it is impossible not to have a good time playing "find the references." Unfortunately the characters and plot are all paper thin, and the bad guys feel like Keystone Cops. The opening MEGA information dump setting up the universe and plot feels clumsy, too.

At first I was going to rate this film higher, but the more I thought about it, the more problems I had with the lack of depth.

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