The Gamers ★★★½

Writer/Director Matt Vancil proves that great ideas can overcome technical and budgetary limitations. This is a 48 minute long amateur film. It is shot with a fairly crummy quality camera, the sound is sometimes hard to hear, and the acting is terrible. What really shines through, though, is a love of role playing gaming. This movie (and the series that it spawned) is the most accurate (and hilarious) look at what it is actually like to sit down and play a D20 role playing game. It pokes fun at the hijinx, craziness, and creativity that are exhibited when a group of adventurers gather together to play. Switching between real life and the in-game fantasy world is a lot of fun, because it shows what we see in our minds as we play these games.

The amateur way this movie was shot is actually very inspiring. It shows how a college kid with great ideas can get his buddies together and forge his destiny as a filmmaker. The role-playing-fan-based empire that Dead Gentlemen Productions and Zombie Orpheus Entertainment have created is impressive. They even have their own annual convention now.