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  • Cowboys & Aliens

    Cowboys & Aliens


    Unsurprisingly clichéd. Surprisingly entertaining.

  • The Doors: When You're Strange

    The Doors: When You're Strange


    Took a little while to get going — I was a annoyed at the staged Jim scenes — but everything tied together well. Good document of The Doors' and the context within which the existed. Depp's narration is flat and it works.

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  • Drive



    Imagine David Lynch meeting Bladerunner and Fast and Furious at a bar where F&F just finished making out with Quentin Tarantino. They get talking, have a few drinks, and after things get hot and heavy, they agree to all go to someone's place. Fast and Furious needs to go the bathroom though, so the other two wait around until he's done, they hail a taxi and go back to Lynch's place. The next few hours are what Drive is like.

    Enjoyable, but tries to hard to be a 'cult classic'. I'd watch it again.

  • Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

    Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy


    Fantastic film. Well paced. Suspenseful. It doesn't speak down to you by explaining every little detail. You must use your brain!