My top 5 films of all time

Reasons why these films are in my top 5. Caution: may contain spoilers.

#1, Amélie. Still the most beautiful film I've ever seen, both in terms of visuals and story. Fun, playful, innocent. It's a visual representation of what being in love is. Scene of when Amélie turns to water is exactly what that situation feels like. Perfect and controlled use of CGI.

#2, The Social Network. I've watched this maybe four times now, and each time it gets better. The dialogue is fast and great, it's filmed well with a handful of really great shots, and the soundtrack helps the whole film keep it's pace up.

The only downside is the boat race scene :(

#3, The Big Lebowski.…

  • Amélie


  • The Social Network


  • The Big Lebowski


  • Black Swan


  • Se7en