Hereditary ★★★½

such a well orchestrated first act, right up until that terrifying car scene, and then things took a rather unsatisfactory turn. my friend and i both agreed that we preferred the ambiguity of the first act compared to where the film ended up going, and that they could’ve explored the family dynamic in a much different and more appropriate way (particularly the mother-son relationship). the performances are still great however, especially toni collette, who has an incredibly powerful and demanding presence onscreen. the cinematography was also FANTASTIC, and honestly the highlight of this film. the way almost every shot is carefully framed to resemble the organized nature of the dioramas annie spends hours creating is truly incredible, and a feast for the eyes. however, this all mostly pales in how jarringly rough the final act feels, and though i understand that that was precisely aster’s intention, it feels so out of place that i was completely taken out of the film at certain points (asking myself “why is this even happening ?? what is the point ??”). also, this is kind of a cheap complaint (which is why i’m not fully criticizing the film based on it) but i didn’t feel any real sense of terror or anxiety during this entire runtime (bar the car scene), and this is coming from someone who’s the biggest pussy alive lmao. idk i’m just....kinda disappointed. for the most part, this is a really fantastic film, but i just didn’t connect with it as so many of y’all seem to have.

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