Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home ★★★½

very cute and fun if slightly lacking :/ lost some of the charm that made its 2017 predecessor so wonderful, and this is mostly due to the need to address the aftermath of endgame along with the (sometimes unsuccessful) attempt at getting that “teen movie” feel the first film achieved with ease. though the camrardarie between peter and his classmates and his adorable romance with mj feel natural, it feels more rushed than it did in the first film. there’s just way too much going on, to the level that when the film DOES let you catch your breath, the pockets of comedy just feel insincere and awkward. as previously stated though, spideychelle was REALLY adorable and tom holland’s peter parker is as endearing as always. also really loved the berlin illusion sequence, which is probably the best utilization of cgi in all of marvel’s live - action films to date. all in all....i’ll always love spider-man and would tear my heart out for this cast, but the poor pacing leaves a lot to be desired. giving this an extra half star because rating it less than 3.5 feels like sin it rly was so cute.