The Favourite

The Favourite ★★★★½

doesnt feel like a lanthimos film in the slightest, but is undoubtedly his best feature yet. wickedly funny, sharp, surprisingly touching, and led by three FANTASTIC performances. the screenplay is whip-smart, and though the film itself is more accessible in comparison to lanthimos’s previous ventures, it still retains the eccentricity he’s so well known for. it’s the perfect melding of arthouse and entertainment, oozing with nuance and symbolism while still being an absolute riot. dont let all the praise for the film’s comedy fool you though, because this is still a drama in every right. the love triangle set up is layered and complex, with the temperamental but vulnerable queen anne at the center. theres so much to dissect JUST in the last shot. these women all have their own motives, but they paths they choose are damaging and ultimately regretful. i havent enjoyed any other 2018 film as much as i have this one, and it definitely requires at least one more rewatch. an absolute delight, and an instant all time favorite for me.