Under the Silver Lake ★★★½

rewatched this because i’m writing abt it for a film school application. i think the greatest part of the film is the clues scattered throughout — cyphers hidden in plain sight matching with coded messages in t-shirts and doll labels — that turn the audience into the very people the film itself mocks. once you catch onto the first clue it’s impossible to ignore the rest, and spins you into overanalytical paranoia in which EVERYTHING has to mean something (i spent 20 minutes trying to decode “morse code” from firework bursts in this film, if that’s any indication)  but just like in the story, they’re ultimately red herrings distracting from the larger picture. a reminder of the hollowness of conspiracy and the craving for mystery that drives it. not everything is an orchestration, not everything carries malicious weight behind its face value, and not all questions have answers. but who knows! maybe the conspiracists are right. maybe all art is a farce and the world will crash and burn in 6 months. we’ll just have to wait and see.

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