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  • Pump Up the Volume

    Pump Up the Volume


    First time watching. I feel like this film would have had more impact on me if I had seen it in High School. I just don’t have that kind of angst anymore. I could still see why people love it though.

    Arizona looks like a shitty place to go to High School.

  • New Police Story

    New Police Story


    Jackie Chan was 50 years old when he made this Police Story sequel. He’s still got it (albeit he’s a little slower) but the movie has a weird tonal issue where they maybe add too much tragedy to an action flick. It has two nice set pieces, one involving a bus destroying a city and Jackie fighting in a Lego store. This is easily the worst of the series but still a must for Chan fans.

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  • A Tale of Two Coreys

    A Tale of Two Coreys


    Wow. Corey Haim is raped by an agent within the first 3 min of this lifetime movie.

    You can tell that this movie is produced by Corey Feldman because it leans so hard on him being a victim.

    This Corey Feldman approved production includes:

    - Corey Feldman being pressured into doing drugs by Corey Haim.

    - Showing how AMAZING Corey Feldman is at doing Michael Jackson dance moves.

    - Everyone being raped except Corey Feldman.

    - Corey Feldman just wants…

  • Project A: Part II

    Project A: Part II


    Takes the problem with Project A and doubles down. Adds even more plot and less action. Which is kind of a bummer because the final action set piece is spectacular and includes a hot pepper fight scene and a Buster Keaton house fall gag.