• The One

    The One


    The only multiverse movie brave enough to be scored by Papa Roach, Disturbed and Drowning Pool.

  • Tiger Cage 3

    Tiger Cage 3


    Phantom of the Cage

    Honestly a massive step down from the first two films. Cheap looking and the action scenes really feel lazy. A disappointing end to the series.

  • Loverboy


    It mostly just made me hungry for pizza.

  • Bodies Bodies Bodies

    Bodies Bodies Bodies


    RIP Gen Z

  • Tiger Cage II

    Tiger Cage II


    Loses the gritty cop tone of the first film for a goofier “mismatched couple on the run” film. It’s a step down for sure but we are all here for the action and in the department the series still kicks ass. Also the score is oddly ripping off Tango and Cash.

  • Summer School

    Summer School


    I think my love for horror movies can be traced back to the exact moment I saw Dave and Chainsaw.

  • Tiger Cage

    Tiger Cage


    An atypical film for director Yuen Woo-Ping. As he moves his action to a gritty and nihilistic modern setting. He finds a way to merge his gift for martial arts action with the newly fashionable John Woo gunplay. The results are pure Hong Kong insanity. The one thing I wasn't prepared for was the violence, this thing really goes for it. The film is maybe too dark to be called fun... but it's exciting stuff none the less.

  • Firefox



    A movie about a rad plane has no business being this boring.

  • Prey



    A back to basics approach that kind of blends the original Predator with The Last of the Mohicans. The simple set up allows the film to be a series of action set pieces with very little down time. If ever there was a point to be made about the downside of streaming vs the theatrical experience, it’s right here. The fact that you don’t even have the choice to see this in a theater is baffling.

  • Bingo



    An HBO staple. It's the "Problem Child" of 90's dog movies. That's high praise.

  • Flatliners



    It seems like Jan De Bont doesn’t want to direct movies anymore. Maybe he could go back to being a Cinematographer? Because this movie looks so fucking good. Amazing use of color, great camera work and just oozing with atmosphere. All of it comes across beautifully in Arrows new 4K.

  • Waterworld



    I once let a work friend borrow Mad Max: Fury Road because they had never seen it. They returned it and said they didn’t like it because it made them thirsty. And then they said do you know what movie is awesome? Waterworld. Never makes you thirsty!

    My work friend is a moron. But they are right Waterworld is awesome. So awesome that 25+ years later there is still a Universal Stunt Show for it and it rules.