Cruella ★★★★

What a great movie to finally return the cinemas!

Cruella was a treat: great performances by the duo of Emma's, costumes to die for (they HAVE to get an Academy Award nomination for this) and the decision to set it in the 70s allows for a fabulous soundtrack.

Cruella also succeeds where Maleficent didn't deliver for me: in its origin story. Whereas Maleficent was turned into a tragic character, Cruella's wickedness is inherent to her. Sure, she is not completely evil as in the animated film, but I felt her evolution from Estella to Cruella was more believable.

Still, some events in the story do not completely allow for a faithful adaption of 101 Dalmatians. But this film gets me excited to where they take Cruella and her gang in the sequel.

(Did I rate it slightly higher after not being to the movies for more than half a year? Maybe.)