The Wolverine

The Wolverine ★★★

starts out really cool and different from the other x-men films, then gradually gets worse and devolves into the usual tropes, yikes. women only being there to be a) sexualised, b) love interests for men, and/or c) damsels who do nothing but scream said man's name whenever he's in danger!! a boring cgi final battle that doesn't cohere w the rest of the action scenes!! villains who have no personality, dumb motives, and know things that it doesn't make logical sense for them to know!! if it had kept the same energy as the first 45ish minutes, this probably would have been really good but... mid-credits scene was a highlight and rila fukushima is beautiful and iconic tho, so there's that???

fav line: "go fuck yourself, pretty boy." mood

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