Ritual ★★★★★

probably the best film ever made about depression; not doing so in its comprehension of it in hardlined and definite terminology but instead in capturing the sensation of living with it, or really just living in general - everything becomes equally fragile and immovable, rudimentary, frightening, tense, desolate, cold, shivering, desperate, and, as it's always been for me at least, raw and alive in way that's hard to describe - as though everything in life is now closer, more immediate and transparent. like the best of hyper-stylized films it uses its surreal augmentations to get closer to some kind of poetic truth. or something. everything feels open and intimate in a way that's almost disquieting, personal (almost journalistic) in a way that's hardly ever seen in film.

this is probably messy, I don't mean to get rhapsodic or confusing but this really is a legitimately perfect movie, vast in its achievements and so much of what I want from the medium of cinema. crazy how Hideaki Anno made the greatest film of all time twice in the span of three years.

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