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  • SPF-18



    Worth it for every time Noah Centineo smiled and his face scrunched up. Also worth it for Keanu Reeves asking "What happened to my disco ball?"

    Shame the film itself is really fucking bad.

  • Teen Titans Go! To the Movies

    Teen Titans Go! To the Movies


    I may have sat for 84 mins thinking "what the fuck is happening", but Little Rebel LOVED this meta-fest.

    "That was *awesome*. I want to be a superhero too. I'm going to be Robin. Robin has all the super best songs."

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  • The Voices

    The Voices


    Jerry (Ryan Reynolds) is a man. A man who is slightly unhinged. A man who hears disembodied voices – The Voices. When he accidentally kills the woman of his dreams, Fiona (Gemma Arterton), he must decide whether he is going to listen to his sardonic talking cat, Mr. Whiskers, and become a serial killer, or to his loving, supportive dog, Bosco, and be a “good boy”.

    At it’s heart the blackest of comedies, The Voices centres on the town oddball,…

  • Looper



    What an interesting, world-building, genre-blending little film. That's the timey-wimey good shit right there.