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  • Psycho



    Believe it or not, first time I had ever seen Psycho. It has become such a part of American pop culture that I knew about the unexpected death in the shower. But I didn't know the final twist. You have to suspend believe a little on the pop psychology involved, but wow. The climatic scene is still haunting me now. It makes you sit back and reflect on the entire dialogue in the movie, reassessing the twisted charm of Norman…

  • Tenet



    If I didn't watch this with subtitles and an occasional rewind here and there, I would have been lost. But since I did have those assists, this was a thrilling and thought-provoking action movie. Breathtaking visual stunts and effects that just kept ramping up. While it may be difficult to catch everything on 1st watch, that may be why I love Nolan movies so much: they are so rewarding to revisit over and over, uncovering a new layer each time. Edge of my seat. Loved it.

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  • All the President's Men

    All the President's Men


    Thrilling and satisfying look at journalism and conspiracy. I can understand how more recent films like Spotlight got their inspiration. Realistic performances were a delight.

  • Abominable



    Really a wonderful family movie. The animation is creative and beautiful, and it really has some great humor mixed in. Also, making playing the violin a cool magical weapon is a gift to all parents teaching their child to play an instrument. Loved it.