Tokyo Story ★★

I must be missing something here, because I found this quite the boring slog. I am aware of the high regard for this movie among film critics and historians, but I did not have that experience. Lots may be cultural barriers preventing myself from understanding the importance of the art. For example, actors in this frequently smile big saying simple dialogue, and it came across as quite strange based upon my expectations from modern acting. Camera shots are minimalist, with lots of shot, reverse shot.

It is a moving premise: parents are ignored by their children. However, once you read the premise on the back of the DVD cover, that's pretty much the movie. It is a very simple plot. I will say I did start to have an interest in the characters, wanting to know what happened to them, even though I was bored during much of it.

Again, I might sound like an idiot in this review, but this movie strikes me as more "influential during its time" than "good."