Avengers: Infinity War ★★★

Not as down on this movie as I thought I would be. There are obvious things that marvel absolutely makes no attempt to fix in this installment, stuff they plain handled poorly and shit they just hit out of the park.

In addition to their usual shortcomings, a forceful overture, CGI heavy set and character design, humor will always be my biggest detractor to these films. Instead of just lowering my rating, the laughs in Infinity war made me loathe seeing characters like Starlord, Wong, Spiderman and Dr. Strange on screen. It was over the top, not that funny and they came across as moronic. I really felt the time they had on screen was more to make me laugh then actually serve a purpose. Sure, Ill say Rocket and Tony make me laugh, Drax too but that is nothing new.

I would really like to sit down with anyone who can honestly say that they felt Disney handled the juggling of 70+ characters well because BOY they sure the fuck did not. I can sit here and say they juggled Thor pretty well. He's the Avenger I would say sees the most screen time, and with his time given he does the most with it. Other than that I would call what we see on screen a misguided Game of Thrones approach. They circulated through the different settings with far to little time to accurately divide among each set of heroes. In a world I already feel no connection to, this approach did little to grab me as a viewer and get me to care, especially about heroes I REALLY don't give a shit about.

But, and this is a 3 star but, in the end I really didn't care that I didn't see enough of the heroes. Honestly they are the least interesting thing in this movie. This is no Avenger film, start to finish it's Thanos's movie, and I fuckin dig it. I wanted to splurge in my pants every time that badass motherfucker walked through a portal, or used that gauntlet in any way. Am I going to say that the MCU fixed their villain problem, not entirely, but good god is Thanos a step in the right direction. He is maniacal, flawed, and for once they gave a baddie at least a little bit of follow through (however hollow that follow through will prove to be. Like you think that Disney intends to keep that much of their universe dead?). I enjoyed every scene he was in, and when I made the choice to ride through the film on his back, it became an overall more enjoyable experience.

At the end of the day though, I do recognize that I am not watching quality. Say whatever the hell you want, but I know this film was made for money, not out of passion and that bugs the fuck out of me. It always will. Its a pollution to good cinema, and really overshadowing our ability to

Shout out to Groot Hammer