Southland Tales

Southland Tales ★★★★★

Southland Tales is a crime saga. One that could be mistaken for obscurity, but is undeniably brilliant. Sure it’s meaning is inexplicable and tough to comprehend. And there is a fair amount of people who would have you believe that’s because “there is nothing to understand, it’s dumb bullshit”. To them, I say you’re wrong. Kelly’s vision is so clear and unique that nothing feels unintentional. Like The Shining. Kubricks take on horror feels so fresh and revitalized that it’s clear he is up to something. And no matter how many times i watch it to try to figure out what that is, no matter how close I think i am to grasping the larger picture, I’ll never be able to discern exactly what it is I am meant to understand. Which is what makes Southland Tales so great. What the fuck is going on! Is it a socio political commentary? An action rom-com satire? A critique of the old testiment? An anti-film experiment? A fuck you to Hollywood? Honestly it’s probably all of them. Besides even if I am wrong, Machine Gun Kelly’s commitment to this movie, and how much he believes people truly misunderstand it, should be proof enough that there is something below surface to get at. And for us cine-incels, that’s all we really need. 

Appropriate job titles include: 
- Oceanography disaster specialist 
- Deepthroat 2
- Officer of UPU2 
- Pimp, unless you commit suicide

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