Near Dark

Near Dark ★★★★½

A dreamy movie that turns into a nightmare. Never scary per se, but frightening in that way dreams can be completely unpredictable and feel inescapable. 

Starts as a sexy, stylish vampire western, then hits an absolute showstopper of a scene almost in the dead center and barrels toward the ending. It’s a ramshackle script, but it works in the movie’s favor without a doubt because of the dreamlike quality that creates. It’s so much fun to see how Kathryn Bigelow grew over her career and how dramatically her style evolved, and yet she hardly made a misstep along the way. 

The cast is an embarrassment of talented performers who look amazing and bring it in every scene. Henriksen and Goldstein are perfectly menacing, and it’s among the most fun and definitely most dangerous performances of Bill Paxton’s career. Goddamn I miss him. 

Mae could have suckered me, too. She and Caleb are practically on fire for the entire first act.

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