Mauvais Sang ★★★½

An odd little film whose setting is one of noir/gangster but whose themes and soul are wholeheartedly existential. A lot of the film is spent on conversations about love, being alive and having a purpose. The movie explores the different stages of love and fatalism that one can go through in a lifetime. I think it's no coincidence that the four characters involved in the love rectangle are in different stages of their life (16, 23, 29, 60's).

It was a little disappointing that given the premise the movie didn't turn out to be a little more genre based in terms of plot. There's some lip service to a strange Sci Fi MacGuffin. A very strange film. A very French film.

Tonally and formally, MAUVAIS SANG is in line with Carax's other work that I have seen. Carax's penchant for nonconventional editing and absurd imagery are of course in this film. Even if I'm not super on board with the movie or story as a whole there is always something technical/artistic that astounds me and makes me feel like it was a worthwhile use of my time.

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