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  • The Devil All the Time

    The Devil All the Time


    Elaborate and desperate story of multiple ways to God's silence. Heir to Flannery O'Connor, the bastard child of early Cormack McCarthy and a step-brother to Frank Bill. American heartland cannot be understood without such works no matter what the critics from LA and NYC might think. So I enjoyed the show, got some lols from reading the negative reviews, sent their authors my big fat "Fuck you" (one of those "fuck yous"was really friendly, you know who you are), and went off to get my beauty sleep, just like the protagonist. No thoughts of enlisting to Vietnam though.

  • Doctor Liza

    Doctor Liza


    Доктор, что со мной? Мне в общем и целом скорее понравился (и уж во всяком случае не ужаснул) фильм с Хаматовой и Хабенским... Я старею, умираю, схожу с ума? А, просто атрофировался вкус?.. И на том спасибо.

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  • Climax



    The unique cinematic experience. Closest thing to hell I've ever seen. Can't say that I liked it a lot, for it seems more of a strange and vile ritual, than a film. But in the end it is all worth it! And it has one if the best (if not THE best) electronic music OST of all times. Would not dare to recommend it to anyone. Enter this void at your own risk.

  • Marighella



    Frankly, this was not a very good film. Its attempt to marry MESRINE with Italian political thriller and Eurocrime was flawed in more than one way (still there were enough gripping scenes - train robbery, torture, killing of Humberto to name but a few). But what is more important for me, if one would look at IMDB - there are 800 or more one star review which are written pretty much in same words: Marighella, terrorist, criminal, why did our…