Judas and the Black Messiah

Judas and the Black Messiah ★★★★½

The only Judas here is the academy not wanting to nominate one of these fellas for best lead because they know they’d clean house.

Stylish, powerful and gripping. The dark horse of this Oscar race maybe my favourite I’ve seen so far. Maybe not conventionally the best film nominated but for a film that fully appeals to my tastes, it’s tremendous.

Daniel Kaluuya presents us with another truly amazing performance. One of the most exciting men in Hollywood today, the Londoner is pegged to walk away with the golden statue and after the way he is completely absorbed into the role he deserves it.

Again, just personal preference but I was more taken by the conflict in Stanfeild’s character. The story is so interesting and he is the one carrying this tale through the struggle of what his character is doing and how it’s going against his heart.

The film oozes that 60s/70s vibe. Imagine Blackkklansman meets The Departed and you will understand why this film is my shit. Not entirely perfect, the film becomes clunky with time jumps and doesn’t flow particularly well but this is hardly an issue when you get transfixed on the main plot and performances. Jesse Plemon’s is the thinking mans Matt Damon/10

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