Ready or Not

Ready or Not ★★★★

Ah another fine addition to my favourite genre, ‘eat the rich’. Ready or Not was a dark horse, when I first saw it advertised I didn’t think much of it but since it’s release I’ve never heard a bad word said about it and after finally watching it, I agree.

A film that has a lot of fun with its narrative and doesn’t limit itself with genre, the film is incredibly enjoyable if not a little predictable.

Weaving’s character Grace may have became one of the best horror protagonists. The character always remains grounded and constantly challenged throughout the film.

The supporting characters in the family are well written all with there unique takes of the horrific events that unfold and the conflicts of having to protect their own family.

Parts of this film felt like they were made to become memes and gifs sometimes it’s glaringly obvious such as the scene where Grace exclaims ‘fucking rich people’ some are too iconic, please see the first image where a blood covered Grace smokes a cig whilst a Manor House burns down behind her.

*For Fans Of*

A fun film from start to finish that never takes itself too seriously, the film has something for everyone. If you watched Knives Out and wondered, could these people get worse than this is the film for you. I rate this a ‘Grace is the female John McClaine/10.

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