Tenet ★★★★½

I agree with indie wire, can you believe infamously hilarious Christopher Nolan didn’t not produce another ‘laugh a minute’ knee slapper.


This film has been pushed back so many times I couldn’t get excited until the morning of because I just felt that something was going to go wrong.

Once again Nolan has delivered the good good. A highly intelligent and sophisticated action film that fits perfectly in his filmography. 

The plot and concept are complex however the script confuses the audience intentionally to help make the last two acts of the film more rewarding.

John David Washington maybe my biggest talking point. Instant chemistry with his co-stars and the ability to keep this modern epic. 

Patterson is insanely charismatic which I’m so thankful about because I thought his character was going to be the bumbling Hugh Grant character type which I find unwatchable.

Once again I’ve been blown away by Nolan, showing that he still has a lot more up his sleeve continuing to be the most consistent director in Hollywood today.

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