The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel ★★★★★

The Grand Budapest Hotel is such a fantastic film, my goodness why did I wait so long to see this movie. I was excited to see this movie, not just for the Holiday Marathon 2, but also this was going to be my second Wes Anderson movie, as the first one I saw Fantastic Mr. Fox from my childhood so I was excited to see what else he has created. I love the storyline of how we get to see this whole story be told from two people, the story of Gustave H. and his close friend Zero, which is told by an older version of Zero, and the story of Elder Zero telling the story to the Writer. I love how we see Zero as a new Lobby Boy and is instantly interviewed and taken in by Gustave. I love Gustave's personality how it's so smooth in such as also how everyone knows he is important and is a man who is respected, but still is warm and easily makes friends.

I love how we get to learn some more about Gustave and Zero through the start of the film but then Zero learns that a close friend of Gustave's has been found dead, but no one knows who the killer was. I love how immediately we see Gustave go to attend her funeral and then we learn that her will says that she passes on the Boy with Apple painting to him, which is priceless, but then we see the ladies son, Dmitri get extremely jealous. I love how we see that now Gustave has been sentenced to prison for the murder of the woman which he didn't do. I love how when he first heard of this he took it so calmly then just ran, I found that hilarious. I love how we see Zero try to help Gustave get his name cleared, and also how we see Gustave plot an escape with his prison mates if he can't get his name cleared but also how we see Zero's relationship with Agatha grow.

From here I will not spoil anything. I love the character developments throughout the film as well as meeting new characters. I love how more dangerous the story gets, but still how Gustave and Zero are acting so calmly like their back in the Hotel. I love the execution of the movie, it was funny, somewhat emotional and also just pure story telling. I love the cast like how did Wes Anderson fit so many stars in this movie. I love the Grand Budapest Hotel and I recommend it to everyone to see.

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