Rendel ★★★½

Making a superhero movie is not easy. In Hollywood, everyday they are making new superhero films and let´s face it, because the money and they are the franchise that sells, a lot!

But here in northern country, Finland, where winter is always cold as shit and summer is warm as... well warm. Now it´s our time to trying to make a decent superhero film, where the Gotham City is Mikkeli and the hero is mix between Punisher and Batman. How does this hold up ?

It´s good. Not best or great, but good. Very good and solid superhero movie, with minor problems.

I really liked, how they made Mikkeli look so mean, dark and gloomy. And as a set, Mikkeli and also Kajaani looks pretty good in the darkness.

As for acting, there are few things that I liked and did not. Kristofer Gummerus was very good as Rämö, this very nice guy, who turns into bad-ass Rendel. Rami Rusinen steals the movie as this very insane and mean asshole, who does not care anything. He does not even respect his dad´s honor.

Story is very basic: Good guy has lost his job, so he has to join in another job, which turns out to be crime organisation. He notices the dark business and after that, he loses his family and then... well, goes on to revenge.

I have no else to say about this one, it´s a very good superhero movie from Finland and I hope there will be sequels. If not, this is a great stand-alone superhero movie eventually.

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