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  • Super Dark Times

    Super Dark Times

    Super Boring Times. This director really wanted to infuse a lot of tension into this stuff but the script just has nothing happening in it so it's just a lot of slow motion for no reason.

    There's a point at the end where this kid has just been sliced up with a sword and he's somehow alive and he's sitting with a paramedic lady behind Pretty Red and Blue Police Lights Shot in Anamorphic and the paramedic lady asks him…

  • Cat Listening to Music

    Cat Listening to Music

    Pretty contrived compared to the vast majority of cat content you can find online now. With the way this is edited, the cat might not even be listening to that music!

    None the less, a good cat.

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  • Mad Max: Fury Road

    Mad Max: Fury Road

    This time I had tears in my eyes through a longer stretch than usual.

    There's something about watching this much hard, careful, loving work on screen that was just totally knocking me out. It's like walking into a cathedral and thinking about all the guys on ladders who had to put the thing together. And thinking about the brilliant minds who designed it. It's overwhelming how beautiful this movie is. And I say this all the time but it's not…

  • Buzzard


    "This album truly is the timeless artifact of the early 21st century malaise"

    This line closes out Million Dollar Extreme's comedy album "Twat" and while it's a fair declaration for that project to make, I keep thinking about how it could also apply to this film.

    Buzzard captures something that I never knew was capable of being captured. Buzzard is a movie about right now. Staring directly into the shadow of the modern young man. The modern young man who,…