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  • Bug


    Really good dialog in this. Really good performances.
    Michael Shannon quietly insisting that he's not crazy in the first act is so funny. "I'm not an axe murderer." I think I'm trying to become less of a conspiracy theorist nut and watching this movie is maybe the perfect thing for me to watch right now. But if you are the conspiracy theorist nut you have to be praying that you find a women as down for it as Ashley Judd…

  • Risky Business

    Risky Business

    Ain't no fantasy quite like a teenage boy fantasy. I eat that shit up.
    Interested in checking out other stuff by this guy. It seems like this movie has a smarter point to make other than "boys are horny" but I can't quite place it. It feels almost like an origin story for some wolf of wall street type dude. As much as this is like a power fantasy thing this movie might be looking at the seeds of tyranny…

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  • Domino


    One of the greatest films ever made. Tony Scott serving up piping hot nuclear celluloid, with a Richard Kelly script designed for maximum fun. This was playing last night at my local Alamo at 10pm and I almost decided that I'd rather go to bed instead, what a fool I would have been, what a cheated life I would have been unknowingly forced to live after. This was my first time seeing this and I'm glad I saw it on…

  • Mad Max: Fury Road

    Mad Max: Fury Road

    This time I had tears in my eyes through a longer stretch than usual.

    There's something about watching this much hard, careful, loving work on screen that was just totally knocking me out. It's like walking into a cathedral and thinking about all the guys on ladders who had to put the thing together. And thinking about the brilliant minds who designed it. It's overwhelming how beautiful this movie is. And I say this all the time but it's not…