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  • A Ghost Story

    A Ghost Story

    I could probably do without the scene where the guy explains the movie to everyone. There's a scene earlier in the movie that is purely visual/auditory and it gets more or less the same idea across and is better and made me fucking cry. You don't need the explaining guy if you have that scene. Or like just let the movie show the idea, that's kinda the point of doing a movie, dude.

    Or maybe just make that scene shorter…

  • Flatliners


    Whatever I guess I'll watch the Schumacher version. This movie has such a great concept but it's a frustrating watch because it's not really executed that well. Ellen Page is doing a very good job, she probably thought the movie was going to better than this. The script might have been very good just to read. Shout out to Ellen Page for not phoning it in for this one. Actual Worker Ellen Page. Respect.

    There's some decent stuff but a…

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  • It


    I tried to come up with a real review of this but I think I'm just too overwhelmed by the amount of screws up here.

    It's not bad by any means, I actually walked out of this feeling relatively satisfied but I just kept thinking on it and I've gotten angry now. If I could sum up my thoughts, I feel like what happened here was the film making equivalent of stage fright. I don't think they expected it to…

  • Baby Driver

    Baby Driver

    This is the first Edgar Wright movie that I don't love. This whole movie is built around music, virtually every scene is attempting to pair and sync the soundtrack with the visuals in some way. I saw this last night and this morning as I drove into work I found myself singing "Don't Stop Me Now" by Queen. Which is not in this movie, it's in Edgar's other movie Shaun of the Dead. That scene is a really great scene,…