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  • Mandy


    There's the shot where cult guy is talking to mandy about whatever boring thing and her face starts to overlay ontop of the guy's face and it's like that would be a really cool visual to show that she's giving in to what he's saying like imprinting herself onto him or connecting with him, but she ends up not joining the cult at all so the visual instead just means fucking nothing. I feel like this sums up a lot…

  • The Curse of the Cat People

    The Curse of the Cat People

    Having a child protagonist is always a gamble because good child actors are few and far between (maybe even more so at the time this was made) and it can really sink your movie if the kid can't act, but Ann Carter is a marvel. She elevates everything. She gives even the simplest of lines, like "hello", a level of emotional weight and bearing. And when the danger sets in, I've maybe never been more scared for a fictional child…

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  • Domino


    One of the greatest films ever made. Tony Scott serving up piping hot nuclear celluloid, with a Richard Kelly script designed for maximum fun. This was playing last night at my local Alamo at 10pm and I almost decided that I'd rather go to bed instead, what a fool I would have been, what a cheated life I would have been unknowingly forced to live after. This was my first time seeing this and I'm glad I saw it on…

  • Smocaine 3

    Smocaine 3

    They're about to be shot point blank by a drug king pin, Deucey turns to the drug-addled Smocaine and starts telling him how it's going to be when they die:

    "It's gonna be another car that drives."

    This is the type of improv line you can only come up with when you're at the top of your game after a decade of putting in the hours, when you're fully in character and have a prop gun pointed at your face.…