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  • Bound



    The Wachowski-brothers (now sisters) directional debut surprised me in a positive way. The style is very Coen-brothers meets Tarantino and almost one location the whole movie.

    The plot is simple: Corky (Gina Gershon) is released from prison after five years and moves in to the same building as Violet (Jennifer Tilly). Violet is together with the mobster Ceasar (Joe Pantoliano) but falls in love with Corky. The girl’s decide to steal 2 million dollars from Ceasar and tries to put the mobsters against each other while they can escape and live happily ever after…

  • Annihilation



    Me after watching The Revenant: That bear attack was the scariest ever!
    The bear from Annihilation: Hold my beer...

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  • Halloween


    Wow I was sure it was Bruce Willis playing a woman when I saw the poster haha.

  • Justice League

    Justice League

    Im too old for this shit