A Quiet Place ★★★★

It would have been a great surprise if the movie wasn’t hyped already. I loved the suspense and tension in the crowd I saw it with.

I felt similarities from Amblin-Movies, Stranger Things, War of The Worlds and 28 days later. The best thing was the character development, where some movies with a million words in the script can’t give you the love for the people you should care about, this movie made it work with music and facial expressions.

The only minus I would give A Quiet Place was that the ending. It was a little bit to predictable if you have seen movies of this kind before, the placement of the solution for their terror was there too often and was too obvious.

But John Krasinski (who also plays the father) shows us that you can come far with a great script and not 100 million dollars to spend. Like Peele did with Get Out 2017.