Sauvage ★★★★★

"you're made to be loved"

where do I begin? this movie touched me in so many ways.

while watching this movie i didnt feel like it was targeted for gay audiences like most movies do, and personally I feel like this is the type of movies we need more in the lgbt+ community: powerful stories, movies that aren't afraid to push the boundaries, movies that actually tell stories about things that happen in the real world inside our community (in this case the world of gay sex workers).

félix maritaud is an ACTOR™ (also watch boys (2018) if u wanna see what I'm saying). he made me forget I was watching a character, he was raw, emotional and made me feel everything leo felt. I've became a fan and I'm excited to see what he does next.

the best scenes were the ones that made you realize how lonely he felt, how much he wanted to be loved, how much he just wanted a hug. he's human.

the sex scenes that were labeled as "too explicit" by many ppl weren't too explicit at all. the scene that shocked most ppl wasn't even that explicit compared to other scenes. there are a bunch of straight movies that have showed the same things and haven't caused that much controversy.

overall this movie is moving, touching. totally recommend it but keep in mind that yes, it is more explicit than other lgbt+ movies.