Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood ★★★★

Tarantino is inarguably somebody who doesn’t stick to formulas and the strengths and weakness of that approach are on full display here. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood plays like short film collection with a group of short stories that only lightly feed into the next. This means that the film doesn’t have a strong overarching narrative that builds to an exciting and explosive conclusion but thankfully Tarantino’s signature direction and dialogue make all of these short stories a blast to watch. And while the story as a whole doesn’t really build up to it, the end of the movie still delivers a classic Tarantino ending and manages to be one of his wildest and most entertaining endings to a film despite not really having any setup for it throughout the film. Overall this movie is pure Tarantino dispersed in Pringles form and for anyone who likes Tarantino will be an absolute delight.