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  • Canned Crab

    Canned Crab


    weird music choices...

  • Keep That Dream Burning

    Keep That Dream Burning


    i think i wouldve loved this if the score wasn't completely opposite to the tone the film has, it kindve killed the vibe a lil for me tbh, or at least muted it. this shouldve sounded just as aggressive and assaulting as an ito film and instead had like new age drone over it, why

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  • Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

    Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse


    the freshest breath of air the superhero genre has had in over a decade

    the huge disparity between this and speed racers reception is rly the most solid case ive seen to prove that audiences r finally ready for maximalism, and i am super excited for what that means for the future

    this prob trumps the original raimi trilogy for my favorite superhero film

  • Night on the Galactic Railroad

    Night on the Galactic Railroad


    almost certainly the only surreal, existential, meditative gay furry movie in existence and its so fucking good at accomplishing all those things that i cant help but be rly rly personally moved by this film. i honestly feel absurdly lucky to live in a world where something exists that could be unintentionally hyper-specific enough to push basically all my buttons. it was even more emotionally intense on this 2nd viewing for reasons id rather not spoil. i think this movie…