A Woman Under the Influence ★★★★★

i related to this way more specifically and viscerally then i expected to and more then i think i ever have to a film about mental illness. on one hand that made the film extremely intense and difficult, but i think despite this it is an insanely rewarding watch not only on the level of its formal achievements and ridiculously accomplished acting achievements, but rewarding in a cathartic way as well, at least for me. in the sense that it makes me so happy that the period of my life where my manic episodes were debilitating and semi-constant is over and i've moved forward and gained control of my own mind.

the 2nd half is terrifying and i am forever grateful that my family and friends have facilitated an existence for me where i dont have to undergo the treatment mabel does at the hands of her family and husband. to think that there are probably plenty of people like me who are not as fortunate as me to have a support group that can truly make you feel like youre in your own skin is very saddening. not much else to say other than that i really really really didnt expect to be so intensely affected by this, instantly skyrocketed to a favorite for me.

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