Southland Tales

Southland Tales ★★★

My rating for this film is a pure formality to satiate my own obsessiveness; in my opinion this movie transcends rateability, taste, and the very nature of typical movie-watching, and on my 3rd watch it has lost no power in so far as how alien and unique it feels. What's even stranger is the more I watch it the more it feels like I understand it, yet the more I seem to understand it only seems to become dumber and more convoluted. The movie is overstuffed, extremely over-ambitious, and has so many moving pieces that it barely keeps track of. Despite its core ideas and themes amounting to not much more than obvious and nihilistic centrism, it postures genius and prophecy by obfuscating its plot SO hard that the mental gymnastics and extra legwork you the viewer have to go through give the impression that just because you had to think about it really hard, its now smart. And as much as I recognize that thats absolutely a cheap trick hes trying so hard to pull off, I guess it worked! This movie will never leave my mind now. Thanks for the brain worm Richard Kelly!

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