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I really don't know where exactly to start with this one, there is so much to this film. I want to preface this review with saying that whatever I say in this review does not do this movie the justice it deserves at all. And honestly I don't think any review can do this film justice, it's kind of on a realm of it's own and the experience it provides cannot properly be described and has to be witnessed to be believed, at least in my opinion.

My general consensus on this movie is that I really loved it, it's on the border of being one of my absolute favorites of all time but I still need a bit more time to let this film fully sink in and confirm.

Whether you like this movie or not, you have to agree that Tartovsky's direction here is absolutely masterful. There are so many long takes, brilliant uses of color and production design and slow subtle movements of the camera that fully emmersed me into the settings of this film and at points even hypnotized me with how gorgeous this film is.

If I had to describe this film in one word, it would be "expansive". Though I would not say that the runtime feels short, I would say that it is justified. It's expansive not only in it's settings and scope, but also in it's huge range of themes. This is a deeply humanistic and contemplative film dealing with so many different themes like spirituality, faith and just life itself. It feels like this movie shows every single thing about life and the different thoughts, beliefs, fears and goals we as people have and experience, and that is exceptionally difficult and a huge accomplishment for a film to do in 2 and a half hours and I can't help with deeply respect and applaud this film for that.

Bold and captivating in it's presentation and themes, Stalker fully deserves it's place as one of the most respected and best films ever created. Maybe after further thinking and a future rewatch it could become a 5 stars and one of my favorites, but for now this film is seared into my brain and I probably won't stop thinking about it for a while.

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