The Beast ★★★★

Absolutely mental 70s Euro-porn film. In this one, a major family, falling on hard-times, is absolutely overjoyed when another family, with money, decides they want their daughter marrying the other families son. Little do they know that there is something rather odd about the son. He's awfully hairy for a start. What could he be?

Film has some absolutely mental porno scenes. One famous scene contains a werewolf with an erection chasing after Sirpa Lane in a forest. Scene was basically redone a few years later, again, with Sirpa Lane in the unofficial sequel "The Beast in Space". Hardcore sex scenes are all over this thing. You'd think that this would be the kind of film victimised by James Ferman at the BBFC, but no. Glad he didn't.

Absolutely hilarious. Watched on the British Film Institute website.