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  • 11 Days, 11 Nights 2

    11 Days, 11 Nights 2


    A bit un-PC this one now. Woman from the first one falls for a gay guy living with his partner. She plans on "turning" him straight with hot sex. You can guess the ending right now. Has all the same cheesy, sometimes awful tunes from the first one. So that's a plus. Also has a Laura Gemser appearance, which is always nice.

  • 11 Days 11 Nights: Part 1 - Fantasy Becomes Reality

    11 Days 11 Nights: Part 1 - Fantasy Becomes Reality


    Dopey guy is getting married in eleven days time. Bad thing for him is that he falls into the arms of another woman who, first of all, has sex with him on a boat. Not even talks, just has sex with him on a boat. Brilliant stuff.

    He then becomes conflicted between his future wife and his "bit on the side". Parts where he contemplates between the two of them are filled with hilarious montage scenes. Last twenty minutes is…

  • Cecilia



    "Cecilia" is an odd film. It's obviously trying to be an "Emmanuelle" knock-off, but "Emmanuelle" was about five years before this. Some of the stuff in it is a bit weird, for example, "Cecilia" gets raped in a car by about three guys and she jumps joyfully out of the car after it, arms in the air, and jumps into a river for a swim. What the fuck? Typical Jess Franco shit.

  • The Alcove

    The Alcove


    Joe D'Amato was obviously going for some sort of D.H. Lawrence "Lady Chatterley's Lover" vibe here and he nearly managed it. It is actually a decent film. Really steamy, so watch out.

  • Emmanuelle 7

    Emmanuelle 7


    Really sad entry into the "Emmanuelle" series.

    In this one, a returning Sylvia Kristel, playing "Emmanuelle" helps a long lost friend (actually the woman from the opening boat scene in "Emmanuelle 2". You know the one, the "I was raped by three women" one) find love again, but not in any nightclubs like any sane person would do. Oh no, "Emmanuelle" takes her into the realms of Virtual Reality where she replays certain scenes from her friend's adulthood in which…

  • Grimm's Fairy Tales for Adults

    Grimm's Fairy Tales for Adults


    Really sleazy German (dubbed into English) film which is a mish-mash of different fairy tales, for example, Snow White, Cinderella, the Brothers Grimm etc. Definately not for kids. Ended up on the "Section 3" list of Video Nasties here in the U.K in the 80s.

    Film seemed really sleazy to me. Gave me the creeps for some reason.

  • Blastfighter



    A mental Italian action film

    Police guy (with superb 'tache) returns to his old hometown after he was released from prison for being a bit over-exurbent in an arrest. He understandably is pissed off. In the car on the way home, his pal introduces him to this big fuck-off gun that he shouldn't use. What's the point in giving it to him then? As soon as he gets home, he puts this impressive piece under the floorboards.

    Once home, he…

  • Emmanuelle in Bangkok

    Emmanuelle in Bangkok

    Another horrible Laura Gemser effort. In this one, she goes to Bangkok where she has sex with lots of people. Even though the film is called "Emmanuelle in Bangkok", she heads to Morrocco and has even more lesbian sex. Whole film right there.

    Gemser is her robotic self and her husband Tinti is along for the ride as usual. Awful soundtrack that you'll wish would stop. Completely awful film.

  • Emmanuelle 3

    Emmanuelle 3


    Probably the best of the original three.

    In this one, Emmanuelle goes to the Seychelles with her husband, living their strange "open marriage" lifestyle and talking about "making love" all the time. It's actually infuriating how many times "making love" is said throughout this film. Definately a drinking game waiting to happen. Emmanuelle ends up falling in love with a film director scouting for locations for his film. Her husband gets pretty jealous, for the first time, and attempts to…

  • Restless Natives

    Restless Natives


    Good little Scottish film in which a pair of down-at-luck guys hijack tourist buses going up to the Highlands. Guys end up getting like Robin Hood by stealing from the rich and tossing the money away.

    Excellent seeing 80s Edinburgh again. I wish they'd still make these kind of Scottish films. Films in which there are no gangsters, neds or junkies. Everything would be cool. Definately one of the more forgotten Scottish films out there.

    Big Country provide an absolutely tremendous soundtrack too. Worth listening.

  • Just Another Saturday

    Just Another Saturday


    Very underrated Scottish film in which we follow the adventures of a young man at an Orange Walk. At the beginning of the walk, he is right into what they are saying but by the end of it he has got sick of the whole thing. Some good footage of 70s Glasgow is all over this. Billy Connolly pops up for a cameo in it too.

    Quite violent in places. Film should definately be more well known.

  • Language of Love

    Language of Love


    Hilarious Swedish sex education film from the late 60s. In it, you are educated in everything about sex by four 50+ year old doctors. Some of the ideas are a bit dated, it is the 60s, but it manages to keep your attention by putting in hilarious roleplay scenes whilst explaining everything. I'm sure I watched this in Secondary School in my "Sex Education" class. I remember some scenes.

    Film is probably more famous as the film De Niro takes Cybil Sheppard's character to in "Taxi Driver".