Green for Danger ★★★★

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Discovered as part of the Criterion Collection, this is an adaptation of a popular wartime whodunnit from Christianna Brand. With the cinematography of film noir but a much lighter tone, Inspector Cockrill seems to have a jolly good time solving a mysterious double murder in a British wartime hospital.

In true whodunnit style you're left guessing until the denouement when all the suspects are gathered in one place by the crafty detective, this time a surgery theatre, all of the characters and none of the characters are suspects and the matter is resolved in a manner that whilst not exactly realistic is at least in keeping with the clues presented throughout. After viewing Alastair Sim's Cockrill is immediately placed in the pantheon of great if whimsical classic whodunnit detectives alongside Poirot and Inspector Slade from The Arsenal Stadium Mystery.

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