No Name on the Bullet ★★★★

Audie Murphy, the smiling baby-faced assassin, is a sensation in this fascinating tale of guilt and paranoia. Riding in to town as a hitman he lets his reputation do his talking whilst he sits and observes a peaceful, almost idyllic township descend in to anarchy and mob rule as the townsfolk all think he's been paid to kill them for one reason or another. They turn on him and each other whilst only a few good men struggle to maintain order and close the situation without bloodshed. There's conflict everywhere but the discussions on good versus evil and the nature of the American legal system between the charming young doctor and the charming young killer is central to what makes the film great, that and Audie Murphy's performance.

No Name is prime for a modern remake in a minimalist Winding Refn kind of way and is almost certainly going to feature in my Top 10 favourite Westerns when I reassess my relationship with the genre.